Wednesday 2 Nov. Update

Three representatives from Islington Council inspected the site today and informed us verbally that though we are trespassing on Council land there is currently no intention on behalf of the Council to begin formal proceedings to evict the camp.

We were informed however, that by Monday at the latest, we will be receiving an informal letter which “is currently being drafted”. The letter will include recommendations relating to Health and Safety and other issues that are commonplace for encampments such as ours where can i get jordans for cheap.

At our General Assembly yesterday it was agreed that:

• The Housing working group would reorganise the square in order to free up more space, as currently we are fully occupied.

• The Nightwatch working group have authority and discretion during nights to ensure safety.

• The Media working group would arrange for a Projector to be supplied.

• The Waste, University and Media working groups all asked for volunteers.

• A discussion was had about moving the camp to more renewable energy sources.

• The general assembly at 11am would be primarily logistics. The 7pm general assembly would update on consensus from the 11am session to allow for input and dissent, but primarily focus on political debate.

For all media enquiries please contact:

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