Update 15 Nov

World News

It’s been a busy 24 hours.

For those who don’t know, Occupy Wall Street has been violently evicted by Mayor Bloomberg’s New York Police Department (BBC coverage here). Over 100 arrests have been made and nearby Foley Square has been occupied (see @OccupyFoleySq). [UPDATE: The situation in New York is changing by the minute, there are various sources to stay up to date, one example is @OccupyWallSt]

There will be a march here in London in solidarity with our American sisters and brothers at the US Embassy at 3pm. Location here.

London News

Last night saw David Cameron outline his euro-skepticism at London’s Guildhall. Seven arrests were made outside the Guildhall following police violence including, forced exposure and assault.

Finsbury Square News

There will be a banner-making workshop on site today at 3pm.

We are busy making the site viable for winter. Pallets are arriving today and we need a lot of people power to create a new floor for our kitchen. Also in the next few days 2-3 tonnes of wood chippings will be arriving to maintain the path through the middle of the square.

Minutes are now regularly been updated and have there own pages to allow for more transparency.

That is all.

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