Voices from the Occupation – Yesterday’s Monsters, Today’s Martyrs

Yesterday would have been Martin Luther King Jr’s 83rd birthday, had he not been assassinated April 4th 1968.  Speaking at Occupy London on December 15th last year, Reverand Jesse Jackson, who was with Martin Luther King as he died said: Gandhi was an occupier, he marched the sea protesting colonialism. Dr. King was an occupier, Mandela an occupier. They are all exalted as Martyrs now but rejected as occupiers, as protesters, as radicals; called terrorist by governments.

Today, the US celebrates Martin Luther King Jr day, a hard won public holiday to remember the man, and more importantly, the message.  Soundbites and platitudes roll out across the corporate media on the same channels which hold Occupy, today’s MLK, in contempt. Today’s article discusses how the real tributes to the work of MLK are not to be found on CNN, but in Occupy camps and Occupied buildings across the world.

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