GA Minutes 26/11/11

Facilitator: Christine

Back from Working Groups

Media – Need a few more people

Kitchen – Ruth now administrating, had meeting last night, getting extra gas ring after getting consensus by GA, looking to buy in bulk now

Support & Inreach – Workshop here tomorrow afternoon on negative memories, 2.30-4pm, people coming in to do assertiveness training and transformative mediation next week

TCU – Gig starting at 9pm tonight, till 11pm, if anyone from police comes to tell us to turn volume down, let Christine know.

First Aid – Name is always available on tent and at Info

Waste – Need waste team. Get word out.

Tranquility – Need more people. Changing rota to midnight-4 shift and 4-7 shift.Going to Bank to see if able to sleep there. Lots on tranquality on gig tonight please. Will be good for relations with police

Housing – Constant issue of what’s empty/not. Need more volunteers.


New rota system in Kitchen, need general volunteers for prep, washing up, that kind of things. Anyone interested, go to kitchen and talk with them.

Tomorrow around 12 noon, a small group going to Speakers’ Corner, come join, going to try to do it every single Sunday. Warning: Hyde Park are really strict on health and safety and such


Solidarity from Goldsmiths University

Goldsmiths University have shown solidarity with the Occupy Movement, here is their statement:

“Goldsmiths is now in solidarity with the UK-wide strike on November 30th and the global Occupy movement. We are here because we reject the privatisation of the university, symptomatic of the neo-liberal agenda that permeates all aspects of life. For this reason, we have strategically occupied the building housing Goldsmiths’ finance offices responsible for executing the cuts and the privatisation agenda. This building also houses the Ian Gulland lecture theatre. Lectures can go ahead as planned on the condition that they are open to the public. All groups on and off-campus are encouraged to use this space to host meetings, events, and planning sessions for actions on November 30th.

Where the current government agenda not only encourages, but enforces the transfer of public resources to private hands, we join people worldwide in taking them back!

 Programming at the occupation is open to everyone to design.”


Monday 21/11/11 Update

Facilitator: Joel

Process proposal for this GA: go around in a circle in order to increase amount of voices heard. Direct points still able to be made directly to people in the circle.

Working Groups…

Housing: Pretty much all of tents insulated properly; desperately low on bedding
Waste: Tomorrow proper recycling starts. Information written opposite dustbins. More info @ Info.
Mediation: Emotional well-being support group starting Wednesday @ 18:30, this is a workshop to help people communicate better, express emotional concerns etc
Tech: Diesel generator up and running, to replace petrol; tech tent is now Occupied Times/IT support; there is now an internet cafe to the side of the tech tent, this to be used for charging, surfing net etc (a few donated workstations available)
Tranquility: Lots of volunteers for tranquility as of late, still could do with a few more, especially with people going to UBS, FS short-handed, sorting rota out

Statement passed re: mission statement of FS -
“An open and innovative community showcasing sustainable development within a transparent, direct democracy”

People caught urinating on camp will be asked to leave after two strikes
enforcement to be discussed – strike book?
If seen, reported to info

Go down to 6 GA’s a week, Sundays off unless necessary

How to get more people involved in working groups etc, dealing with slackers

*Broken down into small groups to feed back to main group*

Group 1: Assign job titles on board, assigned to loiterers if not being done; have a to-do list written up at the end of each GA

Group 2: Ask loiterers what they’d like to do, how they’d help

Group 3: Use housing register (skills column); housing to welcome people and take them round working groups to see how they could help; if staying, be part of a working group (compulsory)

Group 4: General group for general jobs (odd jobs); armband or similar system (reward system) – to be served first for food; open day once a week for all of the working groups to try to involve people

Group 5: Use support/mediation; working groups to be more accessible; policing the problem could be more problematic than the problem itself?

Proposal: Board outside kitchen. After each GA, jobs go up there. People asked considerately if they’d mind doing those jobs – PASSED
Proposal: Working groups to get priority for food – PASSED
Proposal: General working group, for basic tasks – PASSED
*Long group discussion about the ins and outs, different approaches etc*
*End of meeting*

Missing Occupant Following Student Protests

One of our occupants, David Horsefield, has been missing since the protest on Wednesday 9 November. He is a father and a husband, and his family and friends have contacted us to make an effort in finding him. If you have seen him since Wednesday, or have any information whatsoever, please contact Maria on 07958132527.

Thank you.

Voices of the Occupation: Occupant Banned from City of London & SW1

On Thursday 3 November an occupant, Seth Theodore-Butcher, was arrested for peacefully protesting on the bank of the Thames (owned by Southwark Council). The charge was for “obstructing the highway with a non-motor vehicle.” When he was arrested and cuffed. He was then taken to Peckham Police Station and held in a cell for twelve hours. Bail was granted on the basis that he would not be allowed to enter the City of London between now and his court date (Tuesday 8 November) at Tower Bridge Magistrates’ Court (Tooley Road) at 9.45am.

Seth both works in the City of London and lives very near the boundaries. He has spoken with the Magistrates’ Court snd they have changed the conditions of the bail such that he will be allowed to enter Bishopsgate Road, his place of work; allowed to use the Underground even if it involves travelling through the City of London; and allowed to enter St. Paul’s accompanied by a police officer, to collect his belongings. He has asked several police officers to help him in this way, and has been told on each count that they were too busy.

His solicitor has informed him that this is a breach of his human rights.

Here is his account:

Voices from The Occupation – Arrested 5th November 2011

On Saturday, 2 members of the Finsbury Square occupation were arrested, and charged under the SOCPA laws.  One of the arrested shares her experience: