Finsbury Square eviction Update 7 June

**** Update 7 June – The Finsbury Square occupation has been granted a stay of execution until Friday 15 June to lodge an appeal. Pop down, show support, bring supplies (food, bedding, cleaning stuff etc) **

The potential forceful eviction of the Occupy London Finsbury Square camp is expected to happen in the early hours in the next few days, with residents choosing to mark the eviction with peaceful resistance. The potential eviction follows Justice Hickinbottom ruling on Friday at the High Court that Islington Borough Council has the right to repossess the public space post Jubilee Bank Holiday.

Tom McCarthy, a resident at Finsbury Square said: “This camp makes a political statement about our society. Since Occupy opened the camp on 21 October, it has become a home and community for many homeless people, for whom the system has failed. In evicting this community, Islington Council – who have helped to re-home some people that have ticked certain boxes – are potentially leaving some people in a much worse position than they are already in. “We ask Islington Council to not go down the same route at the City of London Corporation – cleansing the City of homeless people is not the way forward. Helping to find real solutions is.”

Whatever happens in terms of the eviction, residents plan to continue occupying

Voices from the Occupation: Jail Bankers, Not Protesters

Today, Kier Starmer, Director of Public Prosecutions for the Crown Prosecution Service issued guidelines for prosecutors stating the importance of discretionin progressing charges against peaceful protesters. It can be seen as a call to cease the criminalisation of peaceful protest in this country.  Indeed it has been branded the ‘protesters charter’ by critics.  Today’s article sets out precisely why the protection of the right to protest from those seeking to criminalise it, is as important today as it ever has been.
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Voices from the Occupation: Olympic Scale Civil Disobedience….Yes Please!

It’s our Party and we’ll Cry Foul if we Want To
The Call for Civil Disobedience During the Olympics


There was a furore in Fleet Street and Westminster alike last week when Len McCluskey, leader of the UKs biggest union (Unite), called for civil disobedience during the London 2012 Olympic Games. In the same week, the Our Olympics Campaign group set up to coordinate efforts to Reclaim London 2012. There have since been justifications and repudiations as to why it is neither right nor appropriate to take such action. Today’s article answers to critics of civil disobedience and sets out why it is both right and appropriate to protest in and around the Olympics this year.

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Voices from the Occupation: The Woeful State of Public Debate & Democracy – Learning from Occupy

As Occupy London were evicted from St Pauls – people asked what the occupation had achieved. In today’s article I take a look at the woeful state of public debate and representative democracy.  I argue that Occupy has achieved is in rescucitating political debate and present a new challenger to representative democracy.
What can we learn from Occupy about how to share,debate and implement ideas in a way that develops thought into action toward a world that works for everyone?

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Voices from the Occupation: Sleepless Night – The Eviction of St Paul’s

The phone rang at 1230am.  I sleepily answered to be informed that the police were on site at St Pauls, dragging tents into rubbish trucks.  Eviction had come.  This was the start of a sleepless night, calling friends, pointing in disbelief at the pictures on the screen and barking ‘Do your research!’ at poorly informed BBC News 24 reporters.  Today’s article recaps the eviction, revisits the achievements of our time at St Pauls and reminds us all of the broader aims and organisations within the global Occupy Movement.

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Voices from the Occupation: Wages for Work Branded Dangerous Socialist Ideology

This week, a successful grass roots social media and direct action campaign, has seen providers of the Government’s Workfare scheme pulling out in significant number.  The government has made a vigorous response to the issue branding those opposed to workfare ‘job snobs’ and stating that the campaign was tiny and orchestrated by the Socialist Worker Party. Today’s article picks through the spin and reminds us why it is so important that we maintain the principle of wages for work.

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Voices from the Occupation: Inside the School of Ideas

While Occupy London’s St Pauls camp looks set for its last night, ahead of an appeal decision tomorrow – a new Occupy London site has opened to Occupiers and local community.  The School of Ideas has sprung up in an abandoned school in the heart of Islington, minutes from Old Street Tube.  Today’s article is about spending an inspiring, random and hilarious afternoon there on Sunday 19th February 2012.

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Voices from the Occupation – Ain’t Nothin’ Fair about Workfare

Voices from the Occupation

Aint Nothin’ Fair about Workfare


This week, Tesco inadvertently blew the lid on the UK Government’s so called Work Experience Programme.  The retailer advertised a permanent night shift position with a salary of JSA + Expenses.

Today’s article takes a look at what the human disgrace of the Workfare programme, the dangers it presents, and what you can do to make it stop.