This page will contain minutes for all General Assemblies according to date/time. Please email minutes to media@occupylfs.org

Minutes of General Assembly 15/11/11 at 1pm

Working group feedback:


Housing are continuing a re-organisation of tents. They remind people that they want campers to let them know which tent is theirs (with a fake name if necessary) and which working group they belong to.


Kitchen feel that some people not pulling their weight in the camp, yet expect to be fed and cleaned up after. They ask people to be more active, asking for jobs or taking their
initiative. If they don’t it may be that they refuse to serve certain people. There was general support for this idea within the meeting.


Need more volunteers!

There are sleeping bags and other bedding if people are getting cold. Supply asked that the Tech working group, who were not present at the meeting, please clean up their tent.

There will be a support/outreach working group meeting on Thursday at 7:30pm – all are welcome – discussing support/outreach issues on both camps.

Demo in support of evicted wall street occupiers 3pm outside American embassy, grosvener square. some of us going down to support.

Minutes of General Assembly 14/11/11 at 7pm

Working Group Feedback

Reorganisation of tents happening with view to clearing empty tents. People encouraged to say which working group they are involved in. Expect tents to be moved.

Agreements from previous GAs being put into place. Minutes available. Rosie reinvigorating our systems.

With regards to our financial and general relationship with Occupy LSX (St Pauls)

P outlined ongoing issues with finance and a possible perception that LSX see us as a ‘working group’ rather than as an equal.  Asked the questions: what are we here for, what is our relationship to LSX, we are already in theory receiving around £150 a day from St Pauls for food, gas, toilets etc but it is not arriving. After some discussion following proposal:

PROPOSAL: Paul and working group to prepare a costed list of needs for FS over winter- e.g. yurts- to be passed at FS general meeting tomorrow tuesday, and then taken to st pauls on wednesday. this will be in addition to £150 a day, which we will be chased up and a system found for us getting it. PASSED BY CONSENSUS.

Other discussion points include whether we should have a percentage of money from st pauls based on tents or people. whether we should have a reserve, which would also be for other new camps. People also feel that equipment, such as cameras, is not being divided equally between the two camps.

PROPOSAL: for monday night meetings at FS to be exclusively for camp issues, and for people who sleep at st pauls and stay here to be encouraged to come to those. PASSED BY CONSENSUS-, though it was also noted that we originally decided to have a weekly meeting between the two camps and this never happened.

There was also talk about having some sort of web-based democracy, i.e. that people outside the camp should have a role in the decision making process. it was agreed that this would only be good for issues not directly relevant to the running of the camp.

Minutes of General Assembly 14/11/11 at 1pm

Facilitator: Sol

Minutes: Christine

Report from Working Groups -

Legal – Sarah wants to be woken up if police are called in the night.

Process – Sol reported from the Minutes of the Process group who had discussed internal communications and the working of the campus.

An objection was raised to making a list of full-time occupiers involved in working groups; the objector said this was not necessary under fire regulations.

Sol explained it wasn’t for the purpose of fire safety but for the purpose of international communications.

The objector raised the possibility of using the X system to mark empty tents.  Matt responded that this system had fallen apart within a few days of using it.

CONSENSUS was reached for a voluntary list of names and workgroups.  PASSED.

Tent City Uni – Christine requested that if people wished to schedule an event, they should not just write their event on the blackboard but go through TCU Group who are Aaron, Andrew and Christine and who can be contacted on tentcityuniversity@gmail.com as well as on site.

Glen – made a PROPOSAL that the running order of GA’s should be

  1. Safety
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Education/Outreach

CONSENSUS was reached.  PASSED.

Media – Sol reported that the front desk of media is not always manned and suggested that front desk may not be necessary.

Housing – Matt said we need more accommodation tents before a Women’s tent can be organised.

PROPOSAL – Graham read out The London Charter for Occupy (draft document).  GA agreed to end GA Meeting and immediately discuss in a working group.

Graham also requested that we keep the passage clean outside the Bistro.

Process Meeting Minutes on 14/11/11 at 12pm

Facilitator: Glen

Minutes: Sol

Remit of Process group is to help with internal communications, Working Groups and the improved running of the site.

Internal Communication

  • To install a blackboard outside the kitchen with one update from each working group in bullet point form.

Running of the site

  • To draw up a register of those on site and their working group/role for reasons of fire safety and improving transparency.
  • Use of the register to assign camp maintenance roles and rotas for tasks such as litter picking.


GA Meeting Minutes on 13/11/11 at 8pm
8pm General Assembly discussions

Facilitator : Candy
Co-facilitator : Tom
Minutes : Hamid

Process Intro

  • Working groups
  • Agendas without discussions
  • Agenda discussions
  • Shout outs


  • Reserve an agenda in St. Paul’s GA
  • Process for announcements: GA minutes, pigeon holing, group meetings, group minutes.
  • Need more Process involvement


  • Need to organise which tents are who’s
  • Occupied Times moving to front of camp to replace sam’s tent
  • Dutch housing union coming in Tuesday to create more permanent housing


  • Pigeon hole system working well
  • Please inform info about events, workshops, or detail changes
  • Need an updated daily agenda board
  • Need to nominate a person to liaise with St. Paul’s
  • Need more volunteers to carry out core duties
  • Need at least 4 info staff on regular basis


  • £20-200 go to finance
  • Template for cash requests to be printed asap
  • £150 a day finance for £10-20 spends


  • Be conscious of waste and recycling
  • Getting wheels bins Monday


  • Washing up process on left of counter
  • If not in kitchen don’t go behind counter
  • Scrape plates properly before forwarding to washing
  • Take spare food back to kitchen
  • Stick to fixed eating times


  • Safety issue as in middle of camp
  • Need tools and battery


  • Getting battery bank
  • Getting cheap diesel
  • Need lighting once we have generators
  • Lock box for storing valuables
  • Generator on schedule 10-1  7-11 otherwise speak to tech
  • Need wifi and electricity steady for livestream


  • Drink related disturbances derail occupations image and demonstrations
  • Don’t leave your valuables lying around
  • No Instruments after midnight
  • No sleep on sofas if you have a tent

Mediation group (new)

  • First meeting Thursday
  • One to one counselling

Tent City Uni

  • Tent arriving on Tuesday
  • Same Schedule board at St. Paul’s

Shout outs

  • Only 2 ppl at FS and SP trained in tranquility. Request to get professional training.
  • Thu 6 pm at Yurt on training
  • Black suitcase missing within tent in it
  • Camp jam tue evening after GA

GA Meeting Minutes on 12/11/11 at 7pm
7pm General Assembly discussions

Facilitator : Pete
Co-facilitator : Hamid
Minutes : Ruth, Hamid


SAFETY & SECURITY as Priority*

- Fire hazard via tents being too close to each other
- No candles in tents

Tranquility & Night Watch

- Noise ban at 12 midnight.
Q. weekdays and weekends?
A. Yes, extendable subject to special events.
Q. How can we enforce it?
A. Enforceable by waking up and sleeping earlier. Days are not as productive as could be.

- Alarm signal everybody knows in case of emergency
Q. What are the processes and guidelines for violent / physical abuse
A. Tranquility have radios so alarm not necessary
A. use the word ‘ALARM’ as key word by night watch

Q. How to deal with drunk and disorderly behaviour?
A. People need to Respect each others’ life experiences and share who they are more.
A. Don’t rationalise, agree and get them to sit down and stay calm.
A. Trust Tranquility to deal with peacekeeping issues.
A. More women in Tranquility & Night Watch teams to balance energy out.
A. reinforce alcohol and drugs ban (signs for ‘Alcohol-Free & Drugs-Free Zone’) – this proposition was dropped due to wording and enforcement issues.
Proposed to replace with to drink responsibly.
Proposed a one week trial of drugs and alcohol ban.
Suggested the people who are the problem don’t attend the GA. we don’t need signs. Take care of yourself and tell others .
We need to discuss visible drinking on site.

- No open flames around the occupation – directive from fire wardens. We need to adhere to this common sense and law.

Q. How to deal with women’s safety at night?
A. majority disagreement on proposition to move women’s tent to middle of camp. Need to move and secure some tents.  Women shouldn’t be told where to sleep.

- 1pm and 7pm General Assemblies tomorrow (Sunday 13/11/2011)
- Proposal to have 2 General Assemblies going forward.
- Consensus check: agreed by majority vote to hold 2 GAs per day at 1 pm and 7 pm and also to keep minutes of topics discussed and to feed these through to Media and Info.
- Working groups meetings during the day and report to general assembly.
- Pigeon holes for working groups created in info tent. Agreed to by majority consensus.
- Please check your pigeon holes for the following discussed issues relating to each working group and meet this evening and tomorrow to discuss with each other and update the 1pm GA tomorrow.
- if anyone has anything to raise with working groups, can you please write it on a piece of paper and put it in the relevant group’s pigeon hole in the info tent.
- Fix GA time and move undiscussed issues to next GA meeting
- In process meeting earlier it was discussed that hand gestures are not being used appropriately. Please make sure this is prioritised as it encourages debate.
- facilitators need to be rotated more often and new individuals encourages and supported to facilitate.
Q. GA times capped at One hour? Anything not discussed will roll over to the following GA.
A. If we cut meeting time, important stuff needs to be discussed at e beginning.

Q. How to introduce everyone to each other?
A. At the beginning of each GA to have an introduction or say a bit about ourselves.
A. Games or something to start the GAs to connect and link people and community.

Outreach and media
Liaison improvements needed between Finsbury and st Paul’s
Link groups via liaisons officer
Information events on happenings around the world. “This is being worked on”
Suggestion to put an advert in to encourage others to join or interact with us. Advert could say that we are willing to help the local community too.
More outreach mis needed with the local community in Islington.

Live stream needed of Finsbury Square events.
media board needs updating more often
Media needs volunteers

- Recycle as you go please and pick up any litter and put in bins.
- waste management workshop at 3.30 pm tomorrow

Q. Not enough awareness about the occupation and people living on site.
A. Introduction pamphlet ‘Occupier’s Welcome Guide’ to welcome newcomers

- file and organise minutes of all meeting groups and GAs
- Clearly list meeting group times and announce them aloud 10 minutes before meeting times as People not present in working group meetings which leads to lack of involvement.

Q. use a bulletin board?
A. Awareness campaign inside and outside the camp needed in general.

- Agenda board needs sorting out. Everyone agree that It will be wiped clean and started again.

Working groups
- Minutes for every working group and GA to be kept and presented openly at info tent
- Rotating facilitators in each working group meeting
- Process instructions visible for each working group
- suggestion that people make it known what they are doing each day? Maybe via a rota system?
- Time limits for each volunteer roles.
- consensus check: majority agreed that we should have time limits on each role and to keep a check.

Q. a list is needed to clarify who is in each working group.
A. arm bands can be worn during working group participation .
A. Good ideas but some jobs need everyone to get involved with e.g. Cleaning
A. People need to be pulled up if they don’t do what they said they would.

- We have skills and materials but we need to charge our tools.
- bookshelves coming tomorrow and others to be made shortly.

- New areas are looking great! Progress has been made, is being made, and will continue to be made! be proud of yourselves!
- Cleaning of camp by everyone at some point in the day
- Visit info tent for info on working groups and try and attend meetings and participate
- we need more participation in everything.
- Let’s have less drinking and pissing about
- camp needs more events so people have more to do.
- problem of Yurt left untidy which inhibits workshops. Not always slept in, just used on special occasions.
Q. why don’t we have days to do specific tasks around camp etc. ?
A. Good suggestion but camp changes quickly in terms of people.

- housing volunteers needed. Meet tomorrow at midday.

St. Paul’s Liaison
Q. Why have we not been to the GA at St. Paul’s?
A. St. Paul’s have the. Agenda ready the day before. We should have access to those agendas being discussed. Ambassadors can attend St. Paul’s Process meetings / share memories and info, etc.
A. We don’t need to adopt their way. We can be unique.
A. Ambassadors will need support from the community here.
A. No fixed ambassador needed. Ambassadors can be rotated too.
A. Ambassadors should keep notes and show others how to be a good ambassador too.

- Occupied Times is coming to Finsbury Square
- New Tent City University is coming to Finsbury Square
- The Yurt is leaving Finsbury Square
- Cinema 2 nights a week if you want to attend
- Finance is discussed every day at St. Paul’s if you want to attend
- Offer to help to get the Library set up – volunteer found but could
- waste management workshop at 3.30 pm tomorrow (Sunday 13/11/11)
- Kitchen workshop at 11am tomorrow (Sunday 13/11/11)
- Media needs volunteers