OccupyLFS and Islington Council

Hello from all of us on camp at Finsbury Square,

We would like to provide an update, as the St Pauls site goes through the legal process, on our current status at the Finsbury Square camp.  There are currently no eviction proceedings of any kind against our Occupation at Finsbury Square.  We have occupied the site, peacefully, since October 22nd 2011.  Since the early days we have maintained a dialogue with officers of Islington Council to ensure we comply with relevant health & safety legislation so far as possible, and in the spirit of good neighbourliness.  Over the Christmas period and with our continued presence, Islington Council issued us with the following letter which showed a noticable change in tone from our previous communications.

Below are both the Council’s letter, and our response, formally agreed by consensus of a General Assembly of the camp Thursday 9th February 2012.

We invite you to read and welcome your view and thoughts.

Council Letter to Occupy London Finsbury Square:

Letter to protestors 1 Feb 2012

Letter of Response by Occupy London Finsbury Square:

Islington Council – 3 – GA Approved

Three representatives from site met with officers of Islington Council to discuss matters in person between the letters, and will be attending a further meeting this Thursday 16th February.

Voices from the Occupation – The Asset Striptease & The Vultures

While Vulture Capitalists have asset stripped companies, Vulture Funds have asset stripped contintents.  Now, the vultures are feeding on Britain  .  Today’s article takes a lingering look at the asset striptease taking place here in the UK, and seeks to poke the British public with a big stick, whilst yelling ‘That stripper just nicked your wallet!’

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Voices from the Occupation – The Welfare Reform Bill: Tinmen, Search for your Hearts!

Voices from the Occupation

The Welfare Reform Bill – Tinmen, Search for your Hearts


This afternoon, the House of Commons voted overwhelmingly in favour of rejecting the compassionate amendments to the Welfare Reform Bill, put forward by the House of Lords in recent weeks.  Today’s article discusses the Bill, the vote, the reaction, and why the tin men and women in the House of Commons, and the streets of Britain, should expedite the search for a heart.

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Voices from the Occupation: A Week in the Occupy Movement

One of the most common questions I get asked when people find out I am involved with the Occupy Movement, is ‘what is it like?’  The news may occasionally cover where Occupy is, but often not what, why or how Occupy is.  So, today’s article gives you my ground eye view of the Occupy Movement last week – there are three days, featuring evictions, police lies, racism, love, a geodesic dome and lots, lots more.

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Voices from the Occupation – ConDemNation of the Vulnerable

Voices from the Occupation
The ConDemNation of the Vulnerable
Yesterday, a small group of unelected peers of the realm did more to protect to rights of the vulnerable in the United Kingdom than the politicians elected to do just this job.  Today’s article takes a closer look at the issue of benefits capping, and asks why the coalition government is taking brickbats to the poor, sick, disabled and elderly.

Voices from the Occupation – Is There Such a Thing as Ethical Capitalism

Voices From the Occupation
Is There Such a Thing as Ethical Capitalism?
In response to a growing realisation that neo-liberal capitalism is morally and literally bankrupt, Britain’s political leadership have spent the week providing three visions of ethical capitalism for us to aspire to.  Today’s article explores the question  ‘Is there such a thing as ethical capitalism?’ and why it is being asked now.

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Voices from the Occupation – The Case of OccupyLSX & The Cowardly Court

Voices from the Occupation

The Case of OccupyLSX & The Cowardly Court

 On Wednesday 18th December, OccupyLSX or Occupy London St Paul’s as it has become, lost its highcourt battle against eviction.  The Judge – Sir Keith John Lindblom ruled in favour of the Corporation of the City of London on all counts and failed to grant an appeal.  The City of London Corporation has granted a stay of eviction for 7 days whilst Occupy take their own appeal to the Court of Appeal.  As the dust settles, and calls of ‘what next for Occupy?’ commence, today’s article looks at the trial, the verdict and the legacy of the Case of OccupyLSX and The Cowardly Court.

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Voices from the Occupation: A Revolution in our Sense of Self

Voices from the Occupation – A Revolution in our Sense of Self


Voices from the Occupation
A Revolution in our Sense of Self
“A self does not amount to much, but no self is an island; each exists in a fabric of relations that is now more complex and mobile than ever before.”
Jean-Francois Lyotard
Over the last four months, as the Occupy movement has set up camp in one square in one city in one country and one continent after another – there has debate and discussion around ‘if’ this is a revolution; ‘if’ it is a revolution, what is it a revolution for or about? First and foremost, I assert that the Occupy Movement is a revolution in our sense of self as Citizen of the World and today’s article explains why.

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